Keep the Peace in 8Days Now Available on Steam


8Days Screenshot8Days, a top-down shooter inspired by Hotline Miami and Retro City Rampage is out on Steam today, available for both PC and Mac. Players will attempt to keep the peace in a troubled world, working as mercenaries for a private military organization.

According to the press release, “players unravel closely guarded secrets while keeping the peace” during the game’s five chapters, so there’s going to be more to the story than just obeying orders–especially since neither of the player characters, Mike “Ghost” Doe and Lola “Wasp” Cruz sounds like the sort to take being “expendable mercenaries” kindly, nor to supporting G.O.D. forever.

8Days is published by BadLand Games and was awarded Best Gameplay at Granada Gaming Festival 2015 and nominated for the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games 2015. Let us know what you think, if you play it.

Synopsis for 8Days

Peace is Our Business
G.O.D. Inc. is the world leader in the Private Military Company (PMC) sector — bringing peace to those conflict areas where its clients have strategic interests. In 8DAYS, players take on the role of Lola “Wasp” Cruz and Mike “Ghost” Doe — two of G.O.D.’s expendable mercenaries. G.O.D. and 8DAYS Magazine are modern instruments used to keep the masses under control. G.O.D. is primarily a peacekeeping force, and the 8DAYS Magazine keeps public opinion in line.

Key Features of 8 Days

  • Dual-stick shooter with non-stop action.
  • High replay value: Each chapter has hidden secrets — and players can progress in different ways every time they play.
  • 2 modes: single-player and local 2-player co-op.
  • 5 chapters — including the previously released “Mission 1: Rice Wars.”
  • Solid 2D arcade mechanics mixed with 3D input controls (keyboard and mouse/dual stick gamepad).

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