Adventure Time #54: Sour Snakes and Cowardly Lemons


Adventure Time 54Finn and Jake have a problem: a rapscallion cowboy has run off from jail! Atop their hardy desert snails they mu-wait, did I just say DESERT SNAILS?! Yes, Finn and Jake have opted to ride the slowest creatures in the land of Ooo to capture an equally slow criminal. In typical Adventure Time style Finn and his magical dog Jake find themselves wrapped up in a peculiar situation while trying to hunt down the truth of Finn’s obscure past. Despite some obstacles (like the fact that snails really are not the best vehicle for an old west crime chase) the pair of fun-loving, adventure finding brothers discover that this world they live in may not be the one they belong to. Now don’t get too excited, we don’t discover Finn’s home or anything but this issue certainly has one unusual twist.

Written by Christopher Hastings with art by Ian McGinty, Issue #54 of Adventure Time takes old west themes and drops them right into the land of Ooo. There are lemons, snake gangs, a lemon mayor, criminals, Marceline the Snake-erm Vampire Queen, more lemons, a magical dog, still more lemons, a GIANT BMO and, you guessed it, lemons. Full of wild and wacky encounters, this comic takes you through a journey of the mind as Finn, Jake and Marceline discover that something has happened to their memories and that not all is well in the land of Ooo!

Looking to grab a copy of this newest adventure? Check out your local comic shop or pick up a copy HERE. Here’s a sneak peak for those who can’t wait…


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