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Bad Moms PosterBeing a parent is super, near impossible. There is question or debate on this. As someone who does not have children (except for the furry kind), there is a great deal of awe, fear, respect, and terror when I see young parent around me.  Parenting is a forever job full of regrets, pain, thanklessness, and stress. As any parent would tell you, no matter what, they will always love their children.

That right there is the essence of Bad Moms. This is an R-rated comedy that had me (and the rest of the audience) in equal parts laughter and choking back tears. It is a movie that any mother (or parent for that matter) would enjoy.

A young mother,Amy Mitchell (played by Mila Kunis) is running herself ragged trying to hold the family together. She is dashing between home, work, shuffling her children to extracurricular activities, maintaining the household, and fulfilling her duties to the PTA. Even though her makeup is flawless, she is a cracked disaster inside. It only took one day for all of that to shatter and she decides to take the less PC road of being a Bad mom. She doesn’t have to uphold the “everything is all right facade”, she can start caring about herself, and just enjoy life. Joining her are the crass but hilarious Carla (played by Kathryn Hahn) and the sheltered Kiki (Kristen Bell). Each friend represents the essential “Bad mom” stereotype: the working mom, the single mom homewrecker, and the controlled wife. Each character utilizes each others strengths and weakness to grow from these stereotypes to reclaim their womanhood while balancing out their motherhood duties.

This wouldn’t be a movie without some sort of antagonist. That sets the stage up for the most rigid and conformist of all the mom stereotypes: the PTA president mom. Motherhood hell comes in the form of Gwendolyn (played by Christina Applegate) and her lankies, Stacey (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (played by Annie Mumolo). Gwendolyn plays her role as PTA president as proud and terrifying as any person in Games of Thrones would. She doesn’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to keep order. When she takes it one step to far, Amy is forced to take a stand for herself and run for PTA president herself.

The movie has a very thin plot and antagonist but that is not what the movie cares about. This whole movie is a drawn out mothers’ fantasy. Where the loser husband is dumped, she rides around in a sexy car, hooks with a sexy man, and just live life as recklessly as possible. This is where the R-rated-ness comes in. There is a lot of crass humor proudly displayed frame by frame in slow motion–Wreaking havoc in a supermarket and careening dangerously in a sports car are just some of many ways the women begin to break loose.

For all of is silly humor, there is deep love and appreciation for motherhood in general in <em>Bad Moms</em>. Not for one moment does the film allow the audience to forget these women love, love, their children fiercely and no matter how their children grow up, they will always love them.  There is more than scene that had me ( and other audience members) tearing back during emotional scenes between the mother and the children. It’s the other scenes that are cathartic fantasies for mothers.

I would complain about the one dimensional-characters for the males but there were an equal amount of that for the females. The film did not waste energy on focusing on realistic men. This movie wanted to gift mothers a movie of their fantasies  and to acknowledge their hard work.

I was surprised by how enjoyable <em>Bad Moms</em> was. It was a comforting, enjoyable movie that had me missing my own mother. The wrap up for the whole thing was neat and tidy, with a cute ending. I am more than all right with this. It was a simple female empowerment movie that also stressed the importance of friendship and tolerance. There was definitely a refreshing and lighthearted atmosphere after leaving the theater. The end credit scenes between the main actresses and their own mothers was especially heartwarming.

Bad Moms out this Friday at theaters everywhere

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