Wizards of the Coast and Roll20 Sign Deal for Virtual D&D Tabletop Play

Phandelver Screen 1
When your best friends no longer live close by for your weekly Dungeons & Dragons game, it’s no longer time to pack away the characters sheets. Roll20 is a suite of digital tools that allows you to share your paper and pen gameplay digitally. Now that they’ve signed a deal with Wizards of the Coast, breakout the Mountain Dew because the game is back on.
The licensing deal starts today with the first licensed module, Lost Mine of Phandelver. The two companies aren’t going to stop there. Pre-orders for Storm King’s Thunder, the next upcoming storyline, are now open prior to the release of the game this September.
The Lost Mine of Phandelver module from Roll20 comes included with pregenerated characters, image handouts, maps, and tokens prearranged to help Dungeon Masters avoid long setup times.
You can get your access here: https://roll20.net/
Phandelver Screen 5

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