Cosplay Feature of the Week: Princess Dez Meow Cosplay


Has it really been a week?! Goodness is this summer flying right by. Alright, time to get you geeks and nerds up to speed on yet another cosplayer. Please welcome Princess Dez Meow Cosplay!

Princezz Dez Meow

Hello Princess Dez Meow! Before we delve into your cosplay sensations how about you tell us a bit about you?

I’m Dezaree and I’m a thirteen year old cosplayer!

Wow! You’re just thirteen??? I totally wish I had discovered cosplay at that age. So how did you get started?

I got into cosplay because I fell in love with the idea of dressing up as your favorite characters.

That’s as sweet and simple an answer as ever there was. Is there a particular part of cosplay that you enjoy?

I kinda specialize in making my own props.

Oooo…props are pretty awesome. Are you planning on or dreaming of making any particular cosplays right now?

My dream cosplay is the Reverse Flash from DC comics.

Sweet! The Reverse Flash sounds like a fun endeavor. What cosplays have you made recently?

A female version of Fem Death the Kid and Snow White.

Those are terrific costumes! Thank you so much for sharing. Before I let you go, what would you like to tell other cosplayers and could you share with us who your cosplay role model is?

My advice for current cosplayers is to have fun and for future cosplayers it’s to be careful wherever you go. My cosplay role model is MangoSirene, she is amazing.

Thank you for sharing Dezaree! For more on Princess Dez Meow cosplay please visit her on…

Have your own cosplayer suggestion? Please email [email protected] with you ideas. Fangirl On!


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