Welcome back to Stars Hollow! The Gilmore Girls Return


Gilmore Girls Stars HollowAs a girl living in Connecticut in the early aughts it was a beautiful thing to be given The Gilmore Girls. To be honest, I didn’t connect with their lifestyle too much as they were from a really (fictional) wealthy area, and I was, well, not. However, their personal style, their sarcasm, their love of pop tarts and coffee, and books–That I connected with. I like to think I’m equal parts Lorelei and Rory, smart and bookish, sarcastic and charming, but not nearly as neurotic (I am though, truly).

Now I wasn’t a huge fan of how the series ended, I don’t know many who are, so when it was announced that the Gilmore Girls Would. Be. Coming. Back. I was ecstatic. This is the chance for them to get it right. To give us the ending we all want (It’s Luke and Lorelei, dangit). There was talk. There was speculation of who would or wouldn’t come back. There was the question of how much we would get. One special? A whole season? The creators were smart in keeping us waiting. By the time it was announced that we’d be getting a year, a four-part mini-series, us die-hard fans were drooling over any information they decided to dole out.

And give out information they did. A trailer was released, nothing flashy, just our two favorite coffee addicts sitting at their table talking. It was their best moments in the original show, them, talking. So of course that is what the creators would give us.  The one-minute teaser clip has been viewed over three million times. Amy Schumer has responded, so has John Oliver.  Because that is how much The Gilmore Girls has invaded pop culture. If you’re mentioned, you respond. It’s a beautiful thing for us fans to watch happen.

So on Nov 25th, 2016 I’ll be sitting on my couch with coffee and pop tarts at the ready, just like a few million other fans, waiting to be transported back to Stars Hollow, and back to visit the lives of some of our favorite characters.

Welcome back to Stars Hollow! The Gilmore Girls Return
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Welcome back to Stars Hollow! The Gilmore Girls Return
The Gilmore Girls are coming back! Rejoice! Watch the trailer and give us your thoughts in the comments section!
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