San Diego Comic Con 2016: Interviewing Mary E. Pearson


One who is born to privilege is shackled to duties bestowed upon them. Whatever traditions or rules are directed at them, they must follow them, no matter how they feel. Even if it is to marry an older man with pocked skin for the sake of the country. Not according to Princess Lia. If she is to have to no say in against that marriage, then she’s going to get the heck out of that country.

The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson begins like any fairy tale with a trapped princess in the first book, The Kiss of Deception.  As she runs off along with her trusty maid, this young princess is not thinking for her country. She is thinking like a young teenage girl who has very little options or support.  Lia winds up in small village where she is determined to live a completely new life. Of course, in her young mind, this would be the most perfect solution but she forgets that things have a way of catching up to you. Especially if she is a princess that is key to the peace between two warring countries. That kind of catch up comes in the form of two young men; one who is the prince that she was to marry and the other is the assassin that is meant to do her in.

Even though this fantasy young adult novel still has the love triangle, deception is the key that makes this such an enthralling read. The world building is so immersive and rich. Even though it was only a fleeting chance at a normal life, Lia’s antics in the village were a wonderful way to show that she is just a teenager. She is not the destined savior or something supernatural. She is a young girl who ran away with hopes of a new life. That was so instrumental in making her an endearing real character. There were times she was brilliant and others where she was an idiot–just like the rest of us.

Well, there is a supernatural angle to it but that doesn’t start blossoming until towards the end.  It does start to follow the who “destined” character arc but the bulk of  The Kiss of Deceptio is really focusing on the characters and their development. This much energy and focus on the characters as people is lacking in a lot of YA stories, where we automatically jump right into battle. This can be tiresome when all you know about those characters is that “they have something” special. In The Remnant Chronicles, the reality and supernatural powers creeps in on the story, making even the reader surprised.

During San Diego Comic Comic Con 2016, FangirlNation was able to chat with the author behind the series. Conversing with Mary E. Pearson was just as lively and rich as  reading the stories that she writes.  It was also fun to note that she fangirls and gets distracted very, very easily. Check out the video below for the full interview.

The final book in the Remnant ChroniclesThe Beauty of Darkness will be coming out in August 2016 and Pearson will be going on tour to promote. I would highly recommend reading the book and catching her tour.


San Diego Comic Con 2016: Interviewing Mary E. Pearson
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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Interviewing Mary E. Pearson
During San Diego Comic Comic Con 2016, FangirlNation's Toni Adams was able to chat with Mary E. Pearson, author of The Remnant Chronicles
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