Don’t Have Sex With Ghosts: A Look at ‘Lace Crater’


Note from the Editor: This article deals with adult topics and probably isn’t something you want to get caught reading by your boss or your kids. With that, on with the show.


Ali Ruth and her friends decide to spend a weekend in the Hamptons. Armed with a vacation home, the group spend their time complaining about their future high paying careers, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and taking illegal substances. Ruth has recently split up with her boyfriend and is in that awkward stage where every action feels like rubbing a raw wound with salt or lemon juice. The house the group is staying in, it appears, is haunted. After Ruth drunkenly calls for whatever haunts her guest house to come out from hiding, a male figure steps out, bound in a head-to-toe burlap ensemble. Ruth coaxes him into removing it and the two end up having sex. After Ruth returns home, she becomes horribly ill and finds herself waking up covered in an unidentifiable fluid every time she wakes up. She has been infected with an STD from a ghost.

The first twenty minutes of this movie is not for those who loathe the cultural group known as Hipsters. Rich kids drinking beer and wearing flannel is the name of the game for most of the cast. Characters do drugs before playing the Sims, or going out to clubs. Ex-boyfriends discuss “their blogs” and attempt to get closure. Friends turn their back on each other when things get inconvenient. While much of this is intended to let the viewer know Ruth and care about her situation, it actually drives the viewer down the path of not caring and just wanting the film to end.  The sex scene between Ruth and her ghost, Michael, is awkward at best. Ruth’s interaction with her ex-boyfriend, Drew, are agonizing.

Lace Crater takes a look at our modern senses of belonging and leaves the viewer wondering what makes a valuable interaction. While Lindsay Burdge does a compelling job as Ali Ruth and the film’s concept is highly imaginative, the film struggles to get past it’s Hipster trappings and into a place of meaning.

Lace Crater is now on VOD. It comes to limited theater release this weekend.


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