AZ Game On Expo: Round 2…Begin!


Last year I had a blast at Arzona’s first EVER digital game focused convention. Game On Expo took my breath away with its guests, games and cosplay. This year they have pulled out all the stops in an effort to be bigger and better than before. How have they improved?

For starters, the guest list is AMAZING! Here’s a peak at who will be attending AZ Game On Expo this year:

  • Steve Downes: Best known for his as Master Chief in Halo , Steve is a long time voice actor with roles in video games spanning multiple genres.
  • Jen Taylor: Jen is a staple in video game voice acting having voiced multiple heroines and supporting characters such as: Cortana (Halo), Princess Peach (Mario), Zoey (Left 4 Dead) and Keira Stokes (F.E.A.R). Without Jen many of the world’s favorite characters would sound MUCH different.
  • Al Lowe: Ever heard of a retro computer game called Dragon’s Keep? It started a trend in PC gaming and it was programmed by Al. He’s also known for titles such as: Toll’s Tale, Bop-A-Bet, King’s Quest 3 and Police Quest.
  • Metal Jesus: If you have seen a picture of him the name explains it all. Metal Jesus is a YouTuber who enjoys Retro Video Games and, you guessed it, heavy metal music.
  • Chris Tang: As a champion gamer there isn’t much Chris has NOT accomplished. He is a Sega World Champion, A Nintendo Champion, Street Fighter Champion, Tetris Champion…ok, he’s a friggin master gamer with incredible street cred.

I’m not kidding when I say that is just a PEAK at the guest roster. Guests not your thing? No problem! Az Game On Expo has ALL DAY FREE PLAY. That’s right, I said ALL DAY FREE PLAY. Last year I caught a Storm Trooper taking out some enemy troops in Galaga so who knows WHAT we’ll encounter this year. The game play ranges from new gen consoles (XboxOne, PS4, WiiU) to the retro experience (NES, Atari, N64). There are also computer stations where competitors can battle against one another for prizes or…y’know, just run around the game world like a maniac hyped on pixie sticks. Seriously, I am pretty sure these gamers literally survive on sugar and energy drinks.

If you’re looking for cosplay then AZ GameOn Expo has your back! With names like Amber Brite, Clever Foxes, Lunar Lyn and Kiba the Cosplay Corgi this event is sure to please the craft master.

Are your eyes bulging out of their sockets yet? Well, not to put you under more duress but did I mention that they SELL games at this convention as well? And not just new titles, they offer EVERYTHING from the dark ages of gaming to the newest optical illusions.

Ready to go? Then snag a ticket at and prepare for a gaming experience you’ll never forget!


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