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Torchwood #2 Jack is back! And in a big way! Torchwood, the first in a new series of Titan comics based on Captain Jack and his team from the TV show of the same name is here, and it’s written by the man himself, John Barrowman.  Barrowman, along with his sister Carole, have started a new adventure which brings Captain Jack back together with Gwen Cooper in a bid to once again save the earth. There’s snark! There’s humor! There’s ninjas! There’s a Doctor Who joke! Everything that a fan of either Doctor Who or Torchwood the TV show would be looking for is in this newest incarnation.

The story line unfolds across the universe  stating with Captain Jack in a bind, as usual. Before long he’s back with his team, but that doesn’t mean all is well. One would assume that when there is alien tech involved, then having a stowaway isn’t a great idea, even if it wasn’t a purposeful step for the Earth girl. Despite this probable truth, the alien ship’s AI, named Mary Shelley (which made my nerd heart happy) chooses to shelter the stowaway, but then the matter is made worse when a new threat falls out of the sky. You know, as ninjas do.

Having never read any of the previous Torchwood comics before, I found it fun to see Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper in drawings.  I really enjoyed how the story moved quickly, and the humor was fun to read. It brought me right back to the TV show, which I think is important. However the part of the story that was set at the actual Torchwood estate seemed out of joint. I’m positive it is a set up for later issues, so I’ll have to hold judgement on the full story to see how that is brought back.

Torchwood Issue #1 is released by Titan comics on Aug 3rd, 2016. Just click here to find your own copy on Amazon; or find one in your local bookstore.

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