Cosplay Feature of the Week: Silly Penguin Cosplay


Welcome one and all to another cosplay feature of the week! Today we venture to the vast reaches of space and find a rare ruby. The one, THE ONLY, Silly Penguin Cosplay!

Silly PenguinHello Silly Penguin! While we warm up our engines please tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, there! I’m Sarah, a 23 year old college student who’s been cosplaying for about three years now. My favorite video game series are: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and the Elder Scrolls. But my most favorite fandom of all is Star Wars.

In galaxy far, far away you discovered the art form that was cosplay, right? Just kidding 😉 Welcome Sarah! In all seriousness, how did you become involved in cosplay?

I had no idea cosplay even existed until I stumbled upon a Mass Effect cosplay group that did silly little videos on YouTube. Turns out it was lead by Commander Holly Conrad! The more research I did, the more I fell in love with the idea of cosplaying. I fall in love with characters and absorb as much info as I can about them, so dressing up and becoming those characters just seemed like the perfect next step!

Cosplay: the ability to escape into that awesome friggin character you wish you were selected to voice or portray. I agree that cosplay is quite addictive. Since you have three years under your belt has cosplay evolved into a business for you? Or, better yet, have any sponsors approached you?

I don’t have a cosplay ‘business’ yet, but I do plan on selling fun, silly, and customizable t-shirts and things in the near future. Gotta fund this addiction somehow. Ha!

I don’t have any sponsors at the moment. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true, though? Think of all the awesome things I could learn and make!

I know someone who was sponsored by Bioware and the things he made…SO COOL! Best of luck on that side of the cosplay house. Let’s get to know more about you: What is your dream cosplay?

My dream cosplay? Oh, wow, that’s a hard question to answer. I suppose my dream cosplay would be Liara T’soni from the Mass Effect series, in her Shadow Broker DLC outfit. Liara’s such an amazing character. She grows from a nearly helpless, naive girl, into one of the galaxy’s strongest and most influential people. And she uses her newfound strength to help others. Talk about a role model!

Did we just become best friends?! I LOVE Liara as the shadow broker. Great selection there Sarah. Right now the cosplay community is racked with disorder. What advice would you like to offer new and existing cosplayers?

My advice for future cosplayers? Don’t compare yourself to others, especially the big name girls out there. They simply have more experience than you. You’ll get there someday! In the mean time, look back at your accomplishments as you grow. Be proud of where you started, and where you are now.

There’s a lot of negativity and bullying in the cosplay community nowadays. Having experienced it first hand, my best advice is this: The only person you need the approval of is you. If you’re happy with your cosplay then your cosplay is perfect! Ignore the bullies and the haters.

Cosplay 4 lyfe! Ok…thug moment aside, do you have any cosplay role models who have inspired you?

I have two cosplay role models. First is Misa On Wheels. She’s such a beacon of love and acceptance in the cosplay community! The second is Kamui Cosplay. Her craftsmanship is simply outstanding! And she sells really helpful guides and tutorials for really cheap (like five bucks)!

I have never heard of Misa on Wheels but I just visited her site and she’s amazing! Thank you for sharing some new information with us and best wishes to you in your cosplay endeavors!

If you would like to chat with Silly Penguin please visit her on Facebook at:

Now I can’t leave all of you here without some pictures, can I? Here you go!

Images were provided by Silly Penguin Cosplay .

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