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tokyoghost09_CoverArtATokyo Ghost might be Rick Remenders most poetic work to date. With Tokyo Ghost #9 upon us, this trend only continues. While keeping with style and pacing of most of Remenders work, every time I read Tokyo Ghost, it comes off much softer and more elegant than his other work. I don’t know if this has to do with the samurai themes present throughout or just the underlying message in general, but it does not fail to deliver what its presenting. The struggle between nature and technology has finally reached its pinnacle with issue #9 and neither Debbie nor Davey are holding back.

Tokyo Ghost is one of my favorite comic series out right now for good reason, the juxtaposition between nature and technology. I’m a Texas man, the neighborhood I grew up in was surrounded by woods, with even a creek not far off. Now living in Chicago I’m constantly surrounded by everything that is a city. Tokyo Ghost shows the dualities of both of these worlds perfectly, and while I find myself obviously rooting for Debbie, I also see what Davey was born out of. As someone, who avidly loves video games, and is embedding himself in this culture, understanding Daveys insanity is easy to digest…. sort of. He is the ultimate blown out image of everything wrong with the cyber world we live in, viewing life as a game in a sadistic fashion, which seems to mirror our own reality all too well. With Tokyo Ghost #9 he finally reveals his ultimate plan for humanity, which I won’t spoil here. Let’s just say the first few pages do an excellent job showing just how much of a sociopath this man is.

While I understand Davey (as best as possible), Debbie I can relate to, hands down. Debbie was a born a child of imagination and play, because she had nothing else. Now my parents weren’t zonked out tech heads, but my parents made sure to never buy a video game system for me. They instead encouraged my outdoor play, and I’m all the more appreciative of this. Debbie by this point in our story, is full on mother nature, and after losing her lover Teddy, what else is left to lose. She takes the battle to Davey in his new city of Neo Tokyo, and what a battle it is. With nothing left to lose and a promise to keep, she heads full force for Davey with nature behind her all the way, making for some impressing visuals.

I was actually late to the Sean Murphy game, really falling in love with his style with The Wake another fantastic ten issue series he worked on with Scott Snyder. With Tokyo Ghost though the scenes he’s been able to create have been astounding. Some of my favorite landscapes have come out of Tokyo Ghost for sure. With issue #9 I about lost my eyeballs. Seeing Debbie ride in on a glowing buck while taking back Tokyo with all of nature behind her was stunning. Sean Murphy could not have done a better job for the battle that has been building. Murphys ability to take big scenes bringing them to life is always impressive. Of course, having Matt Hollingsworth color, sets the tone even more. I wasn’t too familiar with his work before Tokyo Ghost, but seeing what he’s able to accomplish with the play between the glitzy tech of Neo Tokyo and nature itself is a treat. Not that he hasn’t kicked ass the whole way through! The color stays soft, blending perfectly with the sketched out style of Murphys work. Murphys line work can look rough on the outside, but comics don’t always need pretty lines to tell the story, especially for a comic as gritty as Tokyo Ghost.

With Tokyo Ghost finale right around the corner, I’m on the edge of my seat with how it will all go down. Davey has Debbie in a bind by the end of this one, but I bet anything Debbie has a few more surprises left. I really don’t know how Remender does it, this man is creation himself when it comes to story, especially Sci-fi. Not only that, but he also somehow manages to find the perfect people to work with in telling these stories. Tokyo Ghost #9 show cases another epic battle in the heart of Japan tying certain things up in a spectacle of a way. The final showdown between Debbie and Davey, (Nature vs Technology) is going to leave me breathless I’m sure. Debbie I’m with you all the way, and a crazed tech nut job isn’t going to stop you, because you’ve become something he fears, and no amount of tech will help Davey in the end.


Tokyo Ghost #9 is available now at Image comics or just head to your local comic shop.

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