Bear with Me–A Clever Noir Puzzle-Game


Bear With Me dialogue choiceA horror noir game would normally not be in my “must play” category but when the detective is a teddy bear, of course I have to check it out. Apparently I can be led down any dark road with the promise of a fluffy stuffed animal.

Bear With Me is the new narrative point and click PC game coming from Exordium today (August 8,2016). It begins with a nightmare drenched in burning red and a glimpse of evil eyes. As our young main character, Amber, wakes up, she is startled to find that the nightmare hasn’t ended. Her younger brother Flint has disappeared and a mysterious man  has been asking about Amber. So she rallies to her old detective buddy, Ted. Ted the old Teddy Bear. Together they begin to figure out the mystery as spooky things occur around them.

The animated style from the landing page already made me adore the game. No surprise it’s set in a classic black and white. The art is absolutely clean and gorgeous. I am highly amused by Amber’s wardrobe. A nostalgic fashion choice from the nineties perhaps? Heck, I would still rock that outfit today.



Much of the game play is scanning around the rooms, clicking on objects and seeing if it does anything. There is a lot, a lot of dialogue, and it’s pretty entertaining, contains a lot of referential jokes, but it can also be fast forwarded if it gets too long. I was wondering about the horror aspect of it until the first surprise jolted me. The horror comes not from gore or monsters but from being startled. It truly does remind me of the classic noir movies where there is suspense and surprise reveals. It didn’t take much for me to get sucked right into the game. Although I was a bit slow on figuring out some parts of the puzzle, but that’s all part of the adventure is it not?

After playing the game, I can say that it has earned the praise it has gotten. Bear with Me comes out on August 8,2016 and can be downloaded via Steam. Check it out HERE:


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