‘Eterna and Omega’ is Equal Parts Visceral and Haunting


Eterna and Omega (1)Clara Templeton is doing her best to move on without the recently deceased love of her life, Louis Dupris. In New York City, she and her companion, Bishop, work tirelessly to keep the secrets of a now defunct organization just that; secret. However, New York City is in danger from those who wish to harness both ghosts and demonic forces for their own illicit gains. In London, Howard Spire and Rose Everhart do their part to protect the people, even as Queen Victoria’s quest for immortality puts all of England at risk. Though the sinister Moriel has been presumed dead for sometime, the Queen has secretly kept him alive in a dark dungeon. Using a cunning plan, Moriel has escaped using his demonic friends and those loyal to coin only. He wants to divide the world into the wealthy titled and slaves, as he seeks revenge against those who stripped his family of their wealth. While Howard Spire and Rose Everhart plan to come to New York to see first hand what is happening there, Louis Dupris’s ghost seeks support from a New York Medium to put him in contact with Clara. He senses danger coming, and from his position between life and death he can help reveal secrets to the living. The mission to stop Moriel and his cult of followers will take the task from New York to London, and put humanity at risk in the process.

Eterna and Omega is just as complicated as The Eterna Files, but blends the Eterna and Omega initiatives by finally joining members from the New York order and London. Clara Templeton and Rose Everhart realize that there is much more than a casual bond between them, and both posses skill sets that not only support what’s left of the Eterna and Omega groups, but end up saving everyone more than once. It is fantastic to see two female characters that have strength, vulnerability, and a sisterly bond that doesn’t compete or invite cruelty.  Author Leanna Renee Hieber writes female characters that are both fun to read and that possess skills crucial to the plot. She also includes women of different ethnicity and faiths, including an incredible Muslim acrobat.

Eterna and Omega is also filled with some rather horrific descriptions. One particular character has been forced against his will to use Edison’s methods of electricity to bind human souls to their corpses and use the power created from this combination. This passage is nightmarish and readers with understand why both Clara and Rose are shaken severely. In other passages, souls are bound to objects while their bodies roam like zombie slaves to do the bidding of evil forces. This is nothing compared to the description of Moriel’s escape from prison, which includes not only slicing up his own arm, but having a man that shadows his figure torn limb from limb as a sacrifice.

Eterna and Omega is highly enjoyable, especially for readers that enjoy stories combining science and ghostly figures. Edison’s electric light rides right along side past lives and mediums communicating with the dead. The sequel flows a bit easier than The Eterna Files, giving readers a more fluid story with characters we’ve already come to enjoy from the first book.  However, if Eterna and Omega is the first book you read in the series, Leanna Renee Hieber does an excellent job of giving a brief explanation into the previous book. You may miss a few nuances and descriptions of previous characters, but Eterna and Omega does a great job of standing on its own.

Eterna and Omega is available August 9, 2016, but you can enter to win your copy here: http://wp.me/p4X6H2-7Yf


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