Jim Henson’s The StoryTeller: Dragons is Full of Heart


Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons

Jim Henson’s The StoryTeller: Dragons is a graphic novel stacked full of four stories, each one with a different artist’s rendition of a dragon tale.  Ranging from Native American folklore to Eastern European, these dragons are the ones that stories have been told about for ages.

Told by the StoryTeller created by Jim Henson, these stories all have a huge heart behind them.  As most fairy tales and folklore do, these four stories have a lesson to give you, but it’s not a beat you over the head with a stick kind of lesson. Love and family, self-sacrifice, and atoning for your own mistakes are all prevalent here, in bold, lush art strokes. Each of the stories is written by a different author, or author/illustrator.  And each story brings its own beauty.

If you held a gun to my head and I had to choose, I would pick the first of the four, Son of the Serpent by Daniel Bayliss as my favorite. I’ve always loved a thunderbird and it had my favorite line “crash, boom, roar!” as told by the StoryTeller himself.  The Native American aesthetic is gorgeously portrayed in the story as well, making it a feast for the eyes not only as a story but with the art as well.

Albina by Hannah Christenson is next in line as a favorite (I’m terrible at picking only one). Two strong women who slay the dragon together is a beautiful thing to read, and I’ll always support a storyline that promotes girls and women who don’t always need a knight to rescue them.

The other two stories; The Worm of Lambton by Nathan Pride and Samurai’s Sacrifice by Jorge Corona were well written, and beautifully illustrated as well. Also, I must say that despite Son of the Serpent being my favorite tale, the dragon from Samurai’s Sacrifice was my favorite. I even went so far as to show my daughters as I knew they too, would appreciate the giant green sea foam dragon. Looking like it was drug up from the deepest fathoms of the sea to wreak havoc, he was beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this marriage of Jim Henson and the graphic novel community. It’s a perfect match in my mind.

Jim Henson’s The StoryTeller: Dragons is available to preorder now and comes out on August 9th 2016 you can find it at on Amazon

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Jim Henson's The StoryTeller: Dragons
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