San Diego Comic Con 2016: September Mourning


Rock music and comic art is one of the best pairings of entertainment. Especially when the music group themselves are the creators and their music adds a whole other level of art to it all. Two of my favorite rock band musicians, Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria) and Gerald Way (of My Chemical Romance) have both created music centering around comics that they have created. So it was absolute glee to discover another rock band going the same route at San Diego Comic Con. It also came with definite bonus points featuring a lead female vocalist as the creator and inspiration for the project.

Thanks to an idea and social media, September of September Mourning, teamed up with Marc Silvestri (WitchbladeUncanny X-men). They just released a comic based off the lead singer, Septembers vision of a half human/half reaper character who is determined to save the lost souls that others ignore. This characters action is greatly resented by the reapers and so begins the comic of the One against many.  Just to reiterate that the band is a physical manifestation of art come to life, the comic is also called September Mourning. 

The September Mourning comic begins with the glimpse of the origin of September, a half human/half Reaper. In this world, souls are devoured and destroyed by Reapers who are more like monstrous leather clad biker gangs than solemn guides to the underworld. Her transformation as a Reaper is abrupt and unguided and she moves purely by instinct. She is drawn to the lost and bullied souls who deserve a second chance. Although there must be million of souls on this earth, the pure Reapers take great offense to this and promptly begins to chase her down. September is not alone however, as she joined by blind young woman, Claire, who can actually see the Reapers themselves, which further pisses off the Reapers. Claire also has the bonus points of carrying a book that may help them both.

The comic itself is very light in story and character development.  It is purely action and conflict. From the first page the line is drawn very clear on which side is the “good” side and which side is evil. September’s main color scheme is completely white so she is both a “good” character and representative of the void of death.  We do know more about Claire’s history than Septembers which brings more of the perspective to Claire further shrouding September in mystery. Despite lack of the substance, the comic still stands pretty well as a simple good versus evil story.  A little more input of how the Reapers operate and survive would be appreciated but for now, it’s just all about the action.

Since there is a whole album accompanying the comic book, the music can be used to fill in the gaps with your own imagination. Every song is meant to fuel the mental visuals of battles and perseverance. The heavy metal influence combined with the strong vocals makes it a great to imagine great fight scenes and epic posing.  Over all , the album induces great empowering head-banging power to your ears. It isn’t hard to imagine being a supernatural bad-ass after listening to the music. To see how well the music and the art fuses together, check out the lyrics video below.

It was surreal to interview a rock star at a comic convention. Interviewing September was completely natural however. Just a few minutes with her and I can feel the creative vibes. Her comic creation is a personal story that has found a beautiful cohesion with Marc Silvestri. I would definitely recommend checking out the comic and music. Both of which are available now.

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