Aliens/Vampirella is a World Where Everything Will Kill You


cover89042-mediumA human colony on Mars. Xenomorphs. Vampirella. What happens when you mix them together? You get blood-sucking monsters and chest-bursters on the same page. After a group of colonists on Mars discover what looks to be like to be the catacombs of an ancient society, Vampirella is called in to take a closer look. The crew she meets is half-terrified of her, half-interested. She and the crew descend into the depths of the catacombs to explore what she thinks is a former Nosferatu society. Pretty soon, all hell is breaking loose and Vampirella is the only one with the survival abilities to make it through the night.

The comic is dark and creepy, much like sitting through an Alien film. I would have loved to see Vampirella team up with Ellen Ripley, but no luck. The comic focuses on an alternate place in the Aliens universe so that this crossover makes any sort of sense and doesn’t mess with the timeline folks like myself have come to love. The first part of the comic is mostly the crew being concerned about Vampirella being dangerous and killing everyone. Vampirella is pretty much the least likely to kill anyone in this comic. She has to overcome injuries to her wings and chest after interactions with our title Aliens. I didn’t know that I needed to see a chest-burster escape through Vampirella’s cleavage, but now the image is forever frozen into my brain. While the humans in the comic, much like the films, are mostly awaiting violent deaths, Vampirella’s undead nature is the only thing that saves her. It was interesting to also see how the Xenomorphs affect the Nosferatu. Which one is scarier? You’ll have to read to find out.

Aliens/Vampirella is equal parts creepy and campy. It’s a fun read to grab on your way out to the beach or when relaxing on a vacation this Summer. You will roll your eyes, but the story and art  by Corinna Bechko and Javier Garcia Miranda are worth a look.

Aliens/Vampirella is now available from Dynamite Entertainment.


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