‘Secrets & Liars’ is a Lazier, More Swear-filled ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Editor’s Note: There is some swearing in this video, so be aware for bosses and babies.

Secrets & Liars Trailer from Nanners Comedy on Vimeo.

Frankie and Tabitha aren’t exactly the criminal type. Sure there was something that happened a while back that may have been pretty bad, but until their childhood friend ends up dead they don’t think much of it. Finding themselves under the attention of a dangerous- but clumsy- villain, the girls begin to receive odd text messages. It’s like Pretty Little Liars for people who’d rather stay at home in sweats pants. While they’d rather lay in bed and do nothing, the two friends discover they can only trust each other. That’s fine though, since they don’t like anyone else anyway.

You can watch the show here: http://www.nannerscomedy.com/web-series/


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