Text to Toast? New Kickstarter Project Does Just That


I’ve been attempting to explain to my boyfriend for the past ten minutes why we need a toaster that can send messages via bread.

We’ve got Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Smart Refrigerators; it’s time for an intelligent toaster. Toasteroid is a smart toaster and phone application pairing that allows users to print messages and images into toast. Do you always forget to bring an umbrella? You can toast that morning’s weather into your bread! It also is great for making a cute love note or picture into sandwich bread. You can determine the level of toastiness of the bread with your phone too.

If this is your kind of kitchen appliance, you can support the Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/258723592/toasteroid-first-app-controlled-smart-image-toaste?ref=HappeningNewsletterAug0916


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