Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Special


Jim Henson's Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Special “You remind me of the babe.” King Jareth  may not make an appearance in the stories in the Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Special, but he is mentioned, and more importantly, he is there in spirit. As a life long fan of the world that Jim Henson created way back in the eighties, found this book a special treat.  This thirtieth anniversary tribute has eight short comics, and each of them brings to life a slice of the characters that we all know and love. You get to revisit Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Hoggle, as well as other favorites.

With three stories written by Cory Godbey, and others by Jonathon Case and Gustavo Duarte; just to name a few, this collection is wonderfully well written. A reader could not ask for more from this collection which is full of the whimsy that in all honesty needs to happen to be in the Labyrinth universe. The illustrations are in turns lush and saturated in deep colors then stark and clean. Fans of either style will be appeased, and maybe even fall a little for the other. As I’m writing this I seriously cannot think of a single thing about this book that I don’t love. It could benefit from more of the Goblin King, more than just a mention or two, but that would really just be an added bonus to an already great book.

The world is a little happier with The Labyrinth in it, and this books just brings more happy with it. If I was going to give this a star rating, it would be five stars, all covered in sparkly, glittery eye shadow that dance along to the sounds of David Bowie (may he rest in peace).

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Special is available today and can be found at local book sellers, Comixology or on Amazon

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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Special
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