Symmetry Issues #5 & #6


SOL (The System Optimizer for Longevity), a benevolent AI determined to keep Symmetry in a Utopian world, has a secret. It keeps on an island, in the middle of the ocean, a child born of two cultures. A child born to Maricela and Michael: one of the Latino society and the other of the Caucasian. As love is forbidden so was Michael and Maricela’s union; so was Julia, the only child on Earth born of two races. SOL has a secret…and she will change the world.

NOTE: The summaries below may contain spoilers. Please read at your own risk…

Symmetry_05Issue #5 recaps the first phase of the Symmetry series. It describes the Earth of the future and how the world has been divided into four races (Caucasians, Asians, Africans and Latins) who use four pillars (community, peace, harmony and equality) to balance their vastly different societies. Even SOL itself is divided; it’s robots at war with one another, betwixt themselves on what to do with the only interracial child to be born in centuries. Julia, born to Michael and Maricela, has only ever known SOL. Her parents were lost to the hatred of the Caucasian and Latino counsels. So when Julia’s small island is attacked she knows the world is now aware of her presence and she is determined to help SOL change it.

Symmetry_06-1Issue #6 focuses on Julia’s initiation into the world. She must travel to all four nations and use their archives to learn as much as possible about the “before”. The “before” being the time before SOL was created, the time when war was prevalent and superstition destroyed nations. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes in the form of an assault while Julia visits the Asian society which results in her immediate expulsion by the counsel. Confused, Julia wonders WHY she was attacked after all, the nations have been at peace for hundreds of years. Does her birth frighten them so? Or is there some lingering evil in the world that the counsels’ protect? Her worries are cast aside as she is welcomed with open arms to the African capital of Zanzibar. It is here where Julia finally gets the chance to LEARN about the “before”. Despite her newfound knowledge she discovers her confusion persists and with the violence around her mounting how is she to accomplish the goal SOL has set for her? How is she to change the world?

Written by Matt Hawkins with Art by Raffaele Ienco, Symmetry is all good things and more for a sci-fi mystery comic. The art work is a blend of 3d generated models and 2d cell shading. The frames blend well and the dialogue is superb. Indeed Symmetry is like a fine wine, only improving with the more time it is given. Issues #5 & 6 are available at IMAGE COMICS; you should also be able to find them at your local comic shop. I highly recommend this series for anyone teen and above (it’s not overly violent however; some of the themes may be too hard for children to grasp). Happy reading!

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