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Is it Friday? I’m pretty sure it’s Friday (checks her watch…that has no date) yeah, it’s Friday. Well I guess we all know what that means! Another Cosplay Feature of the week is on its way! This costumer may be young but she has spirit. Please welcome Cat Claw Costumes!

12074895_1028009230554153_8516559525884277899_nHello Cat Claw Costumes! Let’s get to know you, what can you tell us about yourself?

I’m 18 and a full time student. I’m really into the Batman comics (Harley Quinn is my favorite character), I watch a lot of anime (some of my favorites are Black Cat and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood); bookwise I love Harry Potter (I’m a hufflepuff) and the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A Owen which I have cosplayed from more than once.

Oooo…(adds new book series to her reading list) thank you for sharing. So how did you get wrangled into cosplay?

I started cosplay in middle school when my best friend and I “cosplayed” Deidara and Tobi from naruto for halloween. I wore Deidara again for Phoenix Comicon that summer and, even though it was a really bad quality costume in hindsight, I had so many people give me compliments on it; I’ve been hooked since.

Phoenix Comicon is where I got my start in cosplay. It’s a great event for a blossoming costumer. So how did costuming/cosplay evolve into a business for you?

It evolved into a business when a friend of mine recommended that I start up a like page for my work to get myself out there and that led to doing the costumes for a Noah’s Arc play at my church. I even started teaching children about art at my brother’s school among other things. I specialize in costume construction and makeup. I’m kind of a jack of all trades. I work with duct tape, fur, and everything in between to create my characters.

That’s really cool! It sounds like you are making waves in your community. Have any sponsors or businesses approached you yet?

I haven’t had any big sponsors yet but I’m hopeful that I’ll have some in the future.

You’re already on the right path, I am certain that something or someone will come along who admires your work as much as others have. Business/Professional questions aside, why don’t you tell us what a dream cosplay is for you?

My dream cosplay is Hatter from the Looking Glass Wars. It’s one of those things where when I do it I want it to be perfect.

I ADORE Hatter. He is such a unique character, what a good choice! Well, we are getting close to the end of our time together. Do you have any advice for current cosplayers? Also, what would you like to tell future costumers?

My advice to everyone in this community is to not forget to have fun. Even if your costume is falling apart or you couldn’t make everything perfect, you still look amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, don’t stress about big groups. Even if you don’t make that group cosplay, speaking from experience, being one massive crossover can be a lot of fun.

My advice to future cosplayers is to just jump in. No one’s first cosplay is ever totally perfect, you learn from experience, and it can still be a lot of fun even if your first cosplay is a brunette Deidara with flip-flops for ninja shoes. Also, find friends in the community that you can bounce ideas off of and get help from. In our group of 10 we have all of 2 people that can work with wigs. Find someone who can help you with the things you’re not as good at so you can improve.

That is terrific advice! Community is most certainly key when being a cosplayer. Have any local or regional cosplayers inspired you and your creations?

My cosplay role models are the members of Fighting Dreamers Productions. Their work is such an inspiration and their videos on youtube are one of the things that led to me having an interest in cosplay.

Thank you so much for your time Cat Claw Costumes! If you want to know more about Cat Claw and her creations please visit her on…

Here are a few images you can enjoy from Cat Claw Costume’s Photo Gallery on Facebook…

Cosplay Feature of the Week: Cat Claw Costumes
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Cosplay Feature of the Week: Cat Claw Costumes
Cosplay Feature of the Week: Cat Claw Costumes
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