Jen Kirman’s ‘I’m Going to Die Alone and I Feel Fine’



Foul-mouthed, delightfully single, and hysterically funny, Jen Kirkman says what comes to mind. In her new television special and comedy CD of the same name, I’m Going to Die Alone and I Feel Fine, Kirman covers men that don’t know their citrus, divorce, the insanity of children, and what it means to be alone in our modern age. Kirman was a round table writer and regular guest on Chelsea Lately. She does regular appearances on @midnight and Drunk History, along with voicing many characters on the animated show Home Movies.

Jen Kirman’s commentary on how married people even hate married people was hilarious. Recently divorced, Kirman discusses her behavior when married, as well as the sheer insanity of weddings. According to her, no one likes weddings except the two people actually getting married.

Be aware, this is not something you should listen to with a sensitive or easily offended audience. Jen covers female masturbation and interesting dating behaviors. In short, don’t listen to the audio CD with young children in the car and maybe don’t watch the television special where your parents might wander in on. The special is hysterically funny and definitely worth a listen or watch.

I’m Going to Die Alone and I Feel Fine is now available both as a video special on Netflix and available as a comedy CD.



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