Pulled in by the Black Monday Murders by Jonathon Hickman


blackmonday01-cover Money is murder. Money is death. Or at the very least, money is a pact with the devil for him to exact his payment whenever he wants.  I will admit, I am not the smartest lady in the world, so some of Black Monday Murders may have gone over my head, but I honestly don’t care. The story is so well crafted, and the hook, well, let me say it’s a pretty strong hook.  I really want to know what’s next. I do feel like there is  not get enough back story. I have a list of questions for the author, and I’m hoping that they get answered in the next issue.

But aside from what bothers me about this story, let’s talk about what Hickman and Tomm Coker did right. They did a lot right. The mood is dark, urgent, and had enough punch to keep me turning the pages to see what might happen next. The background they give is good, if not enough. It is well thought out and in truth, I love how it is doled out.  The prologue, the individual parts, the epilogue, all well constructed.  The characters are thoughtfully sketched out and are not cardboard-y at all, which is something I constantly fear when reading a new comic. I’m particularly interested in the detective who seems to have some sort of paranormal ability, perhaps a bit of voodoo in him, if the bones are any indication. To me, he seems to be the most interesting man in the room, and I can’t wait to see how he is further developed.

I can’t review Black Monday Murders with mentioning the artwork. Tomm Coker’s art is fantastic, an integral part of the mythology of the world that Jonathon Hickman created with his words. The symbols that play a huge part throughout the story are intriguing and are a large part of the hook I mentioned earlier. They pull at you. You want to understand. You want to know–but maybe not so much that you get pulled in, literally. The world of Black Monday Murders is not a world I’d want to live in.

A star review? I’d have to say a low four. Only because you feel dropped in and it takes a bit to find your footing. Once you do though, it’s a cool world to visit.

Black Monday Murders is available now, so check your local comic/book shop or on Amazon

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