Mistress of Death Review: ‘Crochet Taxidermy’


cover86395-mediumLove the idea of Taxidermy but don’t want part of an animal corpse on your wall? Crocheter Taylor Roth has created a book full of crochet ideas to give you adorable taxidermy animals with yarn and a piece of wood.

Crochet Taxidermy‘s introduction discusses Roth’s move to Texas and her discovery of crochet. One thing I can tell you from personal experience is that Texas has a ton of Taxidermy. Roth created a cute way to include taxidermy in her decor with yarn instead of animals.

Crochet Taxidermy not only includes tons of pictures, but highly detailed instructions and basics for folks like me with little to not talent for crochet. Some of these patterns are highly difficult and will need practice. Roth also includes some basic instructions for creating the back boards for display and how to attach them.

Crochet Taxidermy is available from Storey Publishing August 23, 2016.


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