Titan Comics Announces ‘Ravina the Witch?’


Cover for Ravina the Witch?Today Titan Comics announced a new, dark fairy-tale inspired tale, Ravina the Witch? inspired by folk legends and the work of the Brothers Grimm & Han Christian Andersen, it is written and illustrated by Junko Mizuno (Pure Trance), with the art in the book having a distinctly Russian fairy-tale feel. Ravina is a lonely girl living in a dump until she is given a magic wand by an old woman. Does this make her Ravina the Witch?

Scene from Ravina the Witch?Page from Ravina the Witch?


Ravina the Witch, from the supremely talented visual artist Junko Mizuno, is a dark, fantastical illustrated tale featuring talking animals, giant birds and dancing mushrooms. When Ravina is given a magic wand by a mysterious old woman, she turns from a lonely girl living in a dump… into a witch?

Titan Comics Announces 'Ravina the Witch?'
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Titan Comics Announces 'Ravina the Witch?'
See preview images and a synopsis for the newly announced 'Ravina the Witch?' coming from Titan Comics in September.
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