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Okay, first things first, I must say that John Watson’s nose in this manga is my new most favorite thing ever. You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. It is the cutest, most slightly insane illustrated nose ever. Phew. Got that off my chest. Now, on to the real meat of the review.

I read the first three of what will be a series of six comics this afternoon. I’m running a little late. The third, and most recent of them, Sherlock: A Study In Pink, vol 3 came out on Aug 10th, with the previous two volumes coming out on June 8th and July 13th.  Which, if my math is good, means I should have my hands on the fourth volume next month. It makes me a little giddy if I’m honest. You see I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan from way back.  I read the books in middle and high school. I watched the Guy Ritchie movies. I watched the BBC version with Cumberbatch. So of course I am going to want to read the comic. I mean ,I recently got to review the new Mycroft comic (didn’t get to read it? find it here) which I loved. So, yeah, I’m a Sherlock Fangirl. Moving on.

This manga originated in Japan and just recently made it’s way here. It’s written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt, so if you’ve seen the show, then you know exactly what will happen. You’ll immediately recognize the pacing and the mood, the sarcasm as well. Each issue brings you closer into the plot, and by the end of the third comic, you are empathizing with Dr. Watson when he’s cursing Sherlock and striking his cane against the floor.  And while the titular character is on my mind, can I say that Cumberbatch is perfectly made for manga illustration? The drawings of him in these three volumes are spot on. It is uncanny really.

There should be no spoiling when I say the reader should get a huge amount of satisfaction when at the end of volume six, the murderer is caught. By then, you’ll have ran the streets of London and messed around with drugs with the two men of Baker Street that we all know and love.  I’ve watched the show numerous times and read the story it was based off and I’m still excited to see it in manga form. I think that says a lot really about these characters that have been in our literary conscious for so long.

The first three volumes of Sherlock: A Study in Pink are available now, check your local bookstore/comic shop or find them at on Amazon



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