The Winners of the Third Her Universe Fashion Show


Winners of the Third Her Universe Fashion Show have been chosen.  Voters from the San Diego Comic-Con, the judges, and the audience watching on Comic-Con HQ have chosen three winners–one more than has been selected in previous years, thanks to the option for viewers to vote from home. Jesse, by Jesse Thaxton is the winner of the show with her design based on Falkor, from The NeverEnding Story. The Judges’ Winner, Hannah “Hanime” Kent, created an Imperator Furiosa gown inspired by Max: Fury Road . Meanwhile, the audience winner, Camille Falciola, went the Harry Potter route with a cleverly designed “Marauder’s Map” dress.

The three will now join with Her Universe to design a fashion collection to be sold at Hot Topic. “I’m so excited to begin work with Jesse, Hannah and Camille to design a new Her Universe collection for Hot Topic,” said Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein. “All three designers will have a true professional experience from start to finish. We’ll begin with the design process now and we’ll unveil their fully realized, complete fashion collection for sale in spring of 2017!” Keep an eye out for these designs, folks! Their sure to be full of geeky beauty.

Honorable Mention winners Adria Sanchez-Chaidez and Laura Cristina Ortiz also produced impressive designs, with Sanchez-Chaidez presenting an ornate Wonder Woman Gown and Ortiz turning to Wall-E for her inspiration. Who knew a little robot could be so chic?

Third Her Universe Fashion Show Mention Laura Cristina Ortiz Wall-E and Adria Sanchez Chaidez Wonder Woman
What do you think of the choices? Is there something you would have preferred?

The entire documentary series The Her Universe Fashion Show: Fashion Meets Fandom starring Ashley Eckstein, is available now on Comic-Con HQ – the streaming video-on-demand network. The documentary covers the designers’ work from their beginning ideas to the fashion show itself. For those interested, Comic-Con HQ is available at, on iOS and Android devices, Amazon and Roku.

The Winners of the Third Her Universe Fashion Show Have Been Chosen
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The Winners of the Third Her Universe Fashion Show Have Been Chosen
See pictures of the winners of the Third Her Universe Fashion Show and find out what is in store for them.
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