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It’s FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAY! Time for our FAVORITE post in the week: the cosplay feature! Today’s cosplayer flies in on spotted wings…or maybe she’s twirling in with her ball gown…no, no she’s most definitely stomping in with her feet. Ok, who am I kidding, I don’t have a CLUE what character she is today let’s just give one awesome hands up for Autumn Dayss Cosplay!

Autumn Dayss

Hello Autumn Dayss! Let’s hear a bit about you and your world of cosplay…

Hello my name is Autumn Dayss. I am 17 years old and I will be 18 this upcoming November. Anyway, I was raised by two nerds ( my two older brothers) so I grew up loving and knowing the comic, video game, and everything else world. This upcoming school year I will be a high school senior and next year I plan to study abroad in Paris, France.

Well you have incredible aspirations Autumn! Thank you for sharing those with us. Why don’t you tell us about how you started as a cosplayer…

When I was 10 years old I wore my first cosplay even though back then I didn’t even know it was cosplay. I was a huge Sailor Moon fan and I just fell in love with her outfit. A few years after that, when I was in the sixth grade, my older brother introduced me to his friend and old classmate who actually gets paid to cosplay and traveled to different conventions.

In a way, she is like my cosplay role model. She was truly the one that brought me into the cosplaying world and she saw potential in my very first cosplay. Of course when I was younger she was very kind to me and even when I messaged her a couple times, she took time out of her busy schedule to give me advice on how to make certain cosplay items or cosplay props.

I am SO jealous right now. I wish I had started when I was a kid…heck, I did not even KNOW what Cosplay was until three years ago. With as much time as you have had with cosplay has it evolved into a business for you?

As for cosplay and business, I am planning to study in Paris for fashion design and business, so in a way I am turning my hobby into a career. When I first entered high school I did not expect myself to be going into the design field, but after falling in love with the theater and realizing that I could turn what I love to do as a hobby into a paid career I decided to really rethink my field of study I wanted to go to. So, in a nutshell, one day I hope to own my own fashion line as well as cosplay stores and regular clothing stores.

Oooo…a Cosplay Store sounds like a lot of fun! I hope your studies abroad provide you with the insight and experience you seek. Are any sponsors helping you pursue your dreams right now?

As of right now I do not have any sponsors. However, I am talking to my father to see if his company would be willing to help me out with traveling to different conventions across the country during my down time in this upcoming school year. Though it is a bit hard to balance both school and cosplay, I do manage to do it.

Work, Life, Cosplay…yeah, balance is always difficult but well worth the effort. Have you started on any of your dream cosplays yet?

I am planning one of my dream cosplay’s with my father. I want to do a Jurassic World cosplay with him and build a “walking with dinosaurs” raptor suit. He would be “Blue” and I would be Owen (the character that Chris Pratt plays). Hopefully I can work and complete on this large project before I leave next summer for College.

That sounds so AWESOME! I know you mentioned having an inspirational story to share when we chatted. Why don’t you share it with all of us now…

Some of my favorite cosplays to do are Disney princess. With Anna (from Frozen) I get a lot of positive reactions from children. A few years ago I dressed as Belle and went to my cousin’s first grade class to read them a story and hand out books. A few days after I had done that I received, from my cousin, drawings and pictures from her students showing their appreciation for what I did for them; it made me really happy and it made me want to do more Disney cosplays.

Wow…that is so sweet. Did that experience drive you to participate in one of your local Cosplay Charities?

[Yes], two years ago I partnered with a small charity around Christmas time to visit a local hospital’s childrens’ ward dressed as Elsa to hand out Christmas presents to the sick and injured kids. During that trip I could not find the words to describe how happy I had made those children, the moment that I walked into the room their faces just lit up. Both boys and girls enjoyed their visit from Queen Elsa, I even got to talk to some of these children and some of their stories just really touched my heart. I had one little girl ask me to make it snow in Phoenix, Arizona; my reply, of course, was that “I think I would scare some people if I let it snow here in the desert.” Even when I went to Anime Expo 2016, I had a little girl and her father walk up to me and had ask me if I worked at Disneyland because I dressed as Merida and so was the little girl.

Those stories are heart warming Autumn. Since you have such lovely experiences what advice would you like to offer cosplayers?

My advice to others is really just a reminder of why we cosplay. For I cosplay to bring joy to others, to see their faces light up and even to make their day. That’s why I sometimes say have a happy day with cosplay because when you cosplay as someone’s favorite character or just anyone in general, you create happiness for yourself as well as people around you.

So you do you, do what you want to do, do what you love because not only that you’ll love it, others will love what you do too. No matter what your skill level is, as long as you’re happy then others will be happy to. If others are not happy because you’re happy, well who cares really. It’s about your happiness and what you love to do whether it’s a hobby, career, or just, you know, a once in a blue moon thing. If cosplay makes you happy go for it and don’t look back. This goes for both past, present, and future cosplayers out there.

Thank you for all your words of wisdom Autumn! We hope to see more of you in the future!

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Here is a peak at the wonderful cosplays by Autumn Dayss!

Images obtained from Autumn Dayss Cosplay Facebook page.

Cosplay Feature of the Week: Autumn Dayss Cosplay
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Cosplay Feature of the Week: Autumn Dayss Cosplay
Cosplay Feature of the Week: Autumn Dayss Cosplay
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