‘A New Life’ Lets You Explore The Paths You Didn’t Take


Ever wonder what life would have been like if you changed just one major decision in your life? In the new digital game, A New Life from Bigosaur gives players a chance to live a different life from their own. The best part? You can live and die as different people as many times as you like.

You start the game off as a randomly-generated character with customizable traits from “your” parents. These include intelligence, beauty, health, charisma, and many more. As you play the game, you make choices to how life will play out. However, just like in real life, unpredictable life events with appear from time to time to offer challenges and changes.  After you character dies, you receive karma points to improve stats for your next character. No time playing through will be the same, but you can “relive” past lives with biographies and in-game achievements.

A New Life will be available in the App Store on August 30th for $0.99.


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