Doctor Who: Four Doctors is Worth Every Moment


Doctor Who: four doctorsOh my god it’s the War Doctor!!! That was literally my first reaction to Four Doctors. I love the War Doctor. I need more of the War Doctor (Also, John Hurt is a a god among geeks, seriously).

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, Four Doctors is a fun ride. A long ride, but fun.  The comic is around 130 pages and it’s one long story, although there are a handful of mini comics strew throughout as a break. Let me also say, that this could be called Five Doctors, as right there at the end, is Nine in all his fantastic glory.  However the main story follows Ten, Eleven and Twelve and their respective companions. Though aside from Clara, the other two have new companions, a Gabby for Ten and an Alice for Eleven.

The story is an exercise in what not to do. Hey Clara, don’t go into that globe looking thing on a strange planet. Hey Clara, don’t try to be sneaky and go behind the Doctor’s back. hey Clara, enough already, you know you can’t out maneuver the freaking doctor. So a lot of this story could be avoided if Clara wasn’t so annoying. The big bad, because there is always a big bad, is none other than the Doctor himself, though I won’t spoil it by telling you which one. As a reader it’s fun to watch the Doctor battle himself, especially considering that having watched all the episodes, I was reading the story and hearing each doctor speaking in their own voices.

In the end the day is saved, although you never know for how long.

Doctor Who: Four Doctors is a fantastic read and you’ll be sad to say Allons-y to the doctors when it’s over. Definitely 5 stars!

Doctor Who: Four Doctors is available on Amazon. To order, click the link in the title.


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