Doctor Who, The Twelfth Doctor Collections: Volume 2


As a dyedgangland in the wool Whovian, I am always excited to get my hands a new Who comic. As a huge fan of Twelve, this particular one was even better.  The Twelfth Doctor Collections had two separate comics; Fractures and Gangland, as well as a short about Clara.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Clara, and I know that’s a personal opinion, so I get it if we don’t agree. In these stories though, she didn’t annoy me quite as much, which is nice.  In the first comic; Fractures, the Doctor and Clara end up helping one of her students whose dad just happened to work for UNIT, and who also just happened to have died and oh wait, come back to life! Of course that was never going to end well, and obviously a dead man coming back to our universe means that something else followed him from whatever universe he left.  I really enjoyed the story, the family aspect of it. It’s nice when the Doctor shows a slight bit more humanity than normal, and bringing a whole family aboard the Tardis to try and save the world was fun to see.

Also fun to see? The Brigadier’s daughter.  I love it when the comics bring in characters from the history of the show; there was even a comment about Oswald, who is one of my favorites.

The second comic of the collection was Gangland. In this story, the Doctor and Clara go back to the golden age of Vegas to battle a space octopus! Okay, not really, but sorta. There is a knock off rat pack. A boxer turned bouncer turned FBI agent. Did I mention Space Octopus? Also, a game of Russian Roulette made worse by that nasty Rassilon who made a gun that erases your entire timeline in the universe. Because that is what you want to bring to a party, amirite? Silly, evil, megalomaniac Rassilon. I have to say, my favorite bit about this particular story is probably seeing the doctor rock a fedora and explaining to a rather large Mob boss just how he cheated, well didn’t really cheat, cause it’s all a giant ball of math. I could almost hear it in that grumpy Scottish voice I love so much.

The collection is really well put together with extra cover art through out and three stories that don’t really gel well together, but still make you smile at the Doctors antics. It’s definitely worth the read (or in my case the crashed computer, d’oh) and I’ll definitely be keeping up with the Titan comics as it puts out more adventures with the adorably grumpy twelfth doctor.

Five stars for sure !

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The Twelfth Doctor Collections Vol. 2
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