Snot Girl #2: Dead Locked


Snotgirl_02-1 Lottie is NOT having a good month. First, her boyfriend is stolen from her by a girl that is FAR less pretty and fashionable than she. Second, she finally meets a blogger she names “Cool Girl” and starts a fun relationship with her. Third, she goes out with “Cool Girl” and due to a mysterious event Caroline aka Cool Girl winds up on the bathroom floor of a club VERY dead. Fourth…Lottie has a stalker.

Most people would turn themselves into the police after murdering someone…or would they? Wait, did Lottie even murder “Cool Girl”? She can’t remember how she got home that night and she is still getting messages from the girl she was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN she saw fall to the ground and crack her head open. Did Lottie hit her? Did she push her? Why is everything in this fashionistas life becoming so horribly complicated????!!

To make matters worse, “Cute Girl” catches on to Charlene (the boyfriend stealer) and reminds Lottie that Charlene was once Lottie’s intern. Is Charlene trying to replace Lottie? Is there something more sinister going on? Also, where are the cops? Even IF Lottie was not the cause of “Cool Girl’s” demise wouldn’t she be a person of interest? For a fashion blogger, this is way out of her scope of interest and Lottie is starting to feel the effects of her choices as one by one to pieces begin to fall into place.

Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley with art by Leslie Hung, Snot Girl is a wild ride filled with colorful frames, gorgeous fashion and drama that even the most cunning of teenagers would balk at. This story is fun, creative and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Not for the faint of heart (or people who dislike snot), Snot Girl has become one of my favorite reads NOT because of the story (which is actually developing well) but more so because the characters are so withdrawn from reality that you KNOW they are going to get hit with the Karma stick VERY soon and it’s SO enticing to anticipate. Be sure to grab a copy at IMAGE comics or visit your local comic shop. Trust me, it’s worth a glance.

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Snot Girl Issue #2
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