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Birthright #18Ever have a series that you adore with every fiber of your soul but the story doesn’t seem to go anywhere? You can disappear for months, catch up on it, and still have no sense that anything has really moved forward? Or in the case of  Birthright, seriously considering the all-male lineage in this one family?  What if they had a daughter?

After a gap of a few months of dilly dallying with live events, it has been great to settle back down comfortably into a series that I have grown so fond of. Only now that I am caught up, all I can really say is…..seriously?

It has been eighteen…a whooping  eighteen issues of beautiful, stunningly gory artwork and a chestful of promises. Let’s recap what has happened so far:

Mikey was a young boy when he was taken into Terrenos, a parallel dimension full of battles, magic, and every epic fantasy fodder. In our dimension, his family has been torn apart with his disappearance. Cue about a few years forward and there is a heavily muscled warrior claiming to be Mikey. More chaos rains upon the family. Mikey, his older brother Brennan, and their father run off to help fight mages that are “threathening” both worlds. Except no not really. Mikey is infected with an evil demonic entity that is controlling him. Then, they go camping while the dad buys time by getting arrested by cops. Meanwhile, Mikey’s lady friend who has teamed up with the mother of the family so now they are both chasing after the men, and his little brother has been possessed by some sort of healing spirit. And now the men are working together to fight an army.

This is way harder and confusing to explain.It reads like a long and warped out fantasy drama. Which it honestly is. The thrill of the story had begun to wane when the “other” spirits” came into the action. Then, I wanted to know “What’s next?” as I devoured each issue.

Now it’s getting pretty tiring. Any hope of any answers is long gone. The story has now been a constant roller coasting of what crazy thing is going to happen to these men. When is Rya going to birth this baby? Is anyone going to explain anything at this point?! tYet I am still going to read it for this series has become a comfortable patchwork blanket of fantasy gibberish. Although I seriously wonder at this point if the people of Terrenos are living in blissful peace since it seems like we got all the crazy demonic warriors on our world?

Birthright #18 is out now at your local comic book retailer. click here for Volume I,II, and III of Birthright on Amazon, if you want to jump into this pool of crazy. It is pretty fun. Plus, the art is just astounding.

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