I Wear My Fandom, Do You?


I was doing my laundry the other day and when putting away my t-shirts I noticed a trend. I own approximately twenty t-shirts. Fifteen of them are fandom shirts, with Doctor Who leading the pack, closely followed by Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. In addition to those t-shirts I have  my Fourth Doctor scarf, my Alice in Wonderland socks, my time turner necklace, my Gallifreyan pocket watch necklace, my Harry Potter bracelet…I could go on. And while cosplay has been growing more and more mainstream every year (My friend Christine does it yearly),  wearing fandom fashion is a different thing altogether.

The merchandise people behind all the big name fandoms have realized that us nerdy/geeky (whichever you like to use, I prefer awesome) people sure do love to wear our fandoms. It starts out when you’re a kid and your parents buy you the latest tv show merchandise; I have clear memories of owning My Little Pony everything. Then as you as you age and you start buying yourself stuff, you can go a little crazier. And you do. Or, I do. And I know I’m not the only one. I posted to my fb page about this article I was going to post and got a plethora of responses.

Fandom Fashion Collage


And while I love my t-shirts–I am a t-shirt and yoga pants girl after all–the fandom wear is getting more and more high end every year. It started with places like Hot Topic producing Star Wars, Doctor Who (I covet these) and Penny Dreadful lines of clothing. And it has since morphed to a line of suits inspired by the Marvel and DC. So while I’m sitting at home in my Tardis pj pants, somewhere a man is walking into an office dressed up in his version of the Iron Man suit. And if that isn’t living your best life I don’t know what is.

What about you? What is your favorite fandom wear? What do you hope comes out soon?

*all of the lovely people in that collage agreed to have their picture posted publicly.

I Wear My Fandom, Do You?
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I Wear My Fandom, Do You?
A brief discussion on the joys of fandom fashion.
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