I Hate Fairyland #8–Pulverizing Candy-Coated Creatures


i hate fairyland #8 cover AEven with the glorious blood-soaked candy landscape, I Hate Fairyland is a comic with  core value that everyone can relate to: If one door brutally closes in your face, just flip it off and move over to the next one.

The last time we saw our green curled heroine, she was stuck as the newfound Queen of Fairyland. Never one to let anything stop her, Getrude finds other means to leave. She will do anything to leave. No matter how many shackled slaves read over manuscripts, she will find a way to leave. Through perseverance and tirelessly driving her minions, she may have found that way.

I Hate Fairyland #8 sets another path that seemed to be a hopeless and to be honest, karmic outcome for Gertrude. This thrills me to so many levels for I never want to stop seeing Gertrude. Gertrude has been an unstoppable force of mayhem in this comic, spewing blood and gore in every direction. Although the previous issue seemed to have introduced a whole new aesthetic gross level–one that was full of potty humor. Full of potty humor. One particular page was a bit too  much in the potty humor for me and I had to swish on by. It was a gorgeous panel but it was a gorgeous panel of swirling magical portal of feces.

This issue finally brought in a question addressed by the ever-jaded companion: what happens if Gertrude makes it home? How does time work? Would she revert back to her young self? If so, would she remember all of the horrible things she has done? Or would she return as an adult? With all of her history of unapologetic tendency towards violence, I highly doubt she would be a fully functional citizen of our world. It is actually a pretty bleak thought. I am fairly certain she would be unhappy at being forced to follow the normal rules and would sorely miss the freedom that Fairyland has allotted her.

An interesting thought that has crept into my mind is: What if Fairyland is indeed the best place for her? What if she had remained in our world and became this horrible unhappy trapped person? So although Fairyland is a brightly colored prison for her, it is the place that affords her the space to do essentially anything she wants. Even though she is on a quest, I hope she never finds a way out of Fairyland. It is way too much fun to watch her destroy things.

By far the most surprising part of this issue was the arcade sequence. Gertrude becomes an anime/arcade game character! Now I am consumed by an overwhelming need to see Gertrude featured in her own anime series. I can imagine a cool Jpop band (::cough, One Ok Rock, cough::) playing her theme song as she pounds and slices everything. Oh please someone make happen..this has awesome anime sauce all over it!

As with every issue, I really cannot wait to see what happens next. I honestly never imagined how much joy a demented pulverizer of candy coated creatures could bring me. It really is a an amazing cathartic feeling.

I Hate Fairyland #8  is available at your local comic book store now.

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