Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Vol 2 #12 Earns Five Stars


11th doctor “Like pouring napalm on a firework factory.”  I feel ya War Doctor, man do I feel you. First let me get this out of the way, my happy nerd dancing that this comic was ALL ABOUT THE WAR DOCTOR! Like, Eleven didn’t show up at all. And let me tell you, I ain’t mad.  Okay, back to the story.  Our friend the War Doctor is with Alice, Eleven’s companion who has stolen the Master’s  (yes that Master) Tardis and has gone back to time war for some ridiculously stupid reason, and the Squire. The Squire is, I’m guessing, the War Doctors squire, in all that entails. Together  the three of them are in the midst of the time war fighting off the Cyclors and the very Dalek-like but not actual Dalek, Volatix Cabal.

Now the Cyclors are god-like creatures and remind me a lot of the titans from Attack on Titan, mostly due to the size. They stomp around the world looking and feeling all god-like and demanding genocide to cleanse the world of all that are not noble. They are teamed up with the not-really-a-Dalek Volatix Cabal, who let me just say, once they are free of their flesh and goo (their words, I promise you), speak like Gollum (this makes me happy and should make you laugh). But as usual, the Doctor and his trusty companions are going to save the day. They are going to save it right? Well you don’t know cause it’s a freaking cliffhanger! Have I ever told you how much I hate a cliffhanger?

I’m going to go with they will, cause the Doctor is know for triumphing even when he shouldn’t, and the absent Eleven has the War Doctor on his side, so whatever innocence Alice is trying to prove, will probably all get sorted out. Well, as long as the baby-faced Master doesn’t mess it up, and what is that about anyway?

As usual, I give it a resounding double-hearted five stars!

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Vol 2 #12 is available tomorrow so be sure to grab a copy from your local comic/book shop or here on Amazon


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