Unboxed: August 2016 Loot Crate–Anti-Hero–Because Everyone Wants Blood-Streaked Legs!


The August 2016 Loot Crate has one of the better themes, anti-heroes, but an atypically small number of items. Also, again unusually, there is no evident “big ticket” item. The crate contains a T-shirt, socks, a rather odd piggy-bank, and a very nice Harley Quinn Q-fig.

Archer T-Shirt

There’s really not a lot to say about the T-shirt. It’s a standard baggy T-shirt, it’s gray, and it’s a presidential spoof–which is appropriate to the season. It’s comfortable, and for Archer watchers’ humorous, and it’s gray. It won’t fade, but it will also never pop.

Kill Bill SocksEver want to walk around looking like you have blood-streaked legs? Then these Kill Bill socks are for you! Yellow with a bright red, streaky-background, they’re going to leave your friends in no doubt of your view on life–or at least, on fandom, though I’m not sure how evident it is going to be that these blood-soaked socks are associated with the Kill Bill fandom and not some other gory sort.
Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Coin BankThis Hellboy Right Hand of Doom ceramic piggy bank is just odd. It’s red. It’s clenched, and it seems like it’s highly breakable. I’m not pushing it off the table and on to the floor to test this theory, but the bank is very light, so it’s hard not to read it as “fragile.” If you like Hellboy, know what it is, need a place to hold change, and have no shelf-walking pets or small children with an unexpected ability to reach things they shouldn’t, then you might like this bank. Otherwise? Maybe not.What I’m saying here is, “Eh.”
Loot Crate August 2016 Harley Quinn Q-FigThe Harley Quinn Q-Fig, though is a winner. She’s Harley Quinn, everyone’s favorite crazed, goofy killer. The fig also stands up to closer inspection, being well made and well painted. It isn’t a toy (small children not advised), but it can be displayed on a shelf or carried in a suitcase with a good chance of arriving intact.And, it’s Harley Quinn!

Some closeups here:

Loot Crate August 2016 Loot PinLast, there is the August 2016 Loot Pin, which features Sylvanas Windrunner* and offers the chance for new World of Warcraft players to download six expansions for 30-days.

FTC Disclosure: I received the August 2016 Loot Crate box in return for an honest review

*Geek disclosure: I only know her name because the Loot Crate magazine gave it. WoW is one of the 101 geeky good things I have yet to try.

Overall, I give this 3 stars, primarily because of the Harley figure.

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