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I would like to take this moment and thank Hasbro for gifting me with a treasured few hours of just pure imagination-fueled bliss. Thanks to them, I was able to indulge the long buried inner child fantasy of just playing with Transformers, and all for the sake of reviewing it for the lovely audience of Fangirl Nation.

The treasures they sent me were exclusively released during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con). Beginning on August 9th, they are available online at http://www.hasbro.com/ (look for it the EXCLUSIVES category).

I have never had a Transformer toy. I did watch the television shows but those memories have faded away. The excitement of seeing the toys did not diminish whatsoever.


Exclusive #1: Soundwave

It puzzled me for a moment why Hasbro would send me a Kindle. This puzzlement fizzled away when I flipped over the shiny silver box and read the back. Had I looked closer at the “tablet,” the jagged cracks would have given it away that this was a Transformer, a Decepticon at that.  It took about 30 minutes to figure out all the twists and connections. It was a 30 minutes filled with giggles ad pure rapture. It immediately hit me that Transformers are like Rubik’s Cubes but better.

There were no big downers except for the random pieces that came apart. I assumed they were extraneous since everything else was covered in little screws and had very defined movements. There were many moments I paused and just admired the overall construction of the whole thing.

It was the first product I took out and it became my favorite.

Exclusive #2 Visionaries:Magical Light Mighty Mugg Set



This product from Hasbro was a complete unknown on two fronts. Apparently Hasbro has their own vinyl figurine line (Similar to Funko), called Mighty Muggs. This figurine was specifically from a short lived animation show that Hasbro had put out: “Visionaries” where magic was  huge driving force

It is definitely a great looking figurine with a lot of heft. Since I had no clue on the background, the significance of the character was lost on me. Although even after checking out the figurine and some clips online, I question the holographic screen on their chests. It seemed like an interesting mix of Magic the Gathering and Power Rangers. How does the screen help withe magic?

It is a great looking figurine but without being connected to it, it just remains as a figurine. Any fan of the series would have definitely have more to say on this I would.

This did have zilch detachable parts so it was by far the most safest item for children to play and destroy with. It is heavy so I wouldn’t recommend throwing at someone and causing harm.


Exclusive #3: Micronauts


 Opening the Micronauts was so freaking amazing. Anyone who loves science fiction would enjoy this retro throwback. This is my first time seeing a science fiction toy line and it just makes so bleeping happy! The Micronauts were a toyline created about 35 years ago. It featured art from fantasy artist, Ken Kelly.  Featuring an astro space station, the kite came with : Galactic Warrior, Orbital Defender, and Pharoid.

 A key description for the set was that it was interchangeable. This explains why the hands fell of so easily. Way too easily. They were also easy pop back in. The toys themselves are a great deal smaller than what is out there. The hands that come off are so tiny that it very advisable not to let very young children play without supervision.
Despite being super tiny with limited motion, I had the most fun with this set. Even with three characters, I felt that I could enact  all of my science fiction stories. First thing I did was to act out scenes from Black Science by Rick Remender.

Exclusive #4: Transformers: Titans Force Set 

 The mega excitement came from the box came in the form of the Titan Force Set. Covered in some super gorgeous artwork, the set included three characters: Windblade, Brainstorm, and Sentinel Prime. I was immediately drawn to the smaller, female Transformer of Windblade. After spending a few more minutes, I had her somewhat in her plane form.

Similar to the euphoria felt when playing with Soundwave, this was just a continues wave.The biggest downer was how easily the headpiece and the head came off. I still manged the finish transforming it but I was still looking for that random piece.

Otherwise, the fun of twisting and turning continued. Just like when I was messing around with Soundwave, I was focused on these. These seemed a bit more easier than Soundwave though.

All of these products were amazing and once again I thank Hasbro for this opportunity. It is never too late to enjoy something that brings you happiness. I definitely recommend all of these products to both adults and children. Just be aware of the tiny parts that come apart.

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