LBCC 2016 Announces Guests and Panels


LBCC 2016 September 17 and 18 Long Beach Comic Con Long Beach Convention CenterThe Long Beach Comic Con 2016 (LBCC 2016) has announced a list of guests and panels. Confirmed guests include surprises like Nathan Fillion of Con Man and that little show everyone keeps talking about–Firefly. Also present from Firefly will be Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin, and Jewel Staite. Other guests of not include Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester who voiced Batman and Robin on Batman: The Animated Series and the following:

  • Andy Park (Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor and Lead Concept Artist)
  • Peter David (Amazing Fantastic Incredible)
  • Colleen Doran (Amazing Fantastic Incredible)
  • Steve Epting (Velvet)
  • Joelle Jones (Lady Killer)
  • Joe Eisma (Morning Glories)
  • Nick Spencer (Morning Glories)
Programming Includes:

  • Programming spotlighting TV shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Con Man, Firefly and GI Joe
  • DOCTOR WHO Panels at the Long Beach Public Library
  • Two full days of cosplay panels and a cosplay contest on Saturday night
  • Panels devoted to fan favorite comic book characters including Batman, Harley Quinn and the Teen Titans. As well as publishers Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment, First Comics, Image Comics and Marvel
  • #MakeComics Workshops where aspiring writers and artists can learn from comic book pros
  • Kids programming
  • The popular GeekFest Film Festival
  • A screening of the popular Harry Potter fan film Severus Snape & The Marauders

If you download the program here, you will notice that there are plenty of Doctor Who related events over a the Main Library on Pacific Avenue. As exciting panels like “The Pseudoscience of Doctor Who” and “The History of the TARDIS” are, the “You May Also Enjoy…” panel from 11:30 AM-12:30pPM on Saturday is even more so. It promises to talk about the British science fiction that is not Doctor Who, recommend shows, and tell people where they can watch them (Can anyone track down a good way to see Blake’s 7 in the US? This writer would be most grateful).

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LBCC 2016 Announces Guests and Panels
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LBCC 2016 Announces Guests and Panels
Find out what guests and panels to look forward to at LBCC 2016 and what is happening at the library during the convention
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