Fun and Histrionics in Bless Her Dead Little Heart


Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda JamesIn Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James, octogenarians Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote take the unusual step of inviting a house guest to their home: Diesel the giant Maine Coon cat,  the same feline from the Cat in the Stacks series. They settle in for a visit with the well-behaved cat when Rosabelle, a woman who had been their sorority sister sixty  years earlier, suddenly appears on their doorstep. She frantically tells the Ducote sisters that she has run away from her family because she believes that someone has been trying to kill her.

The sisters have just invited her to stay in their home when Rosabelle’s numerous family members show up and invite themselves to stay, leaving the sisters with a full house. Shortly after everyone arrives, one guest falls down the marble stairs to her death, and Athena’s chief detective discovers further that someone has smeared Vaseline on the banister to prevent the person slipping on the water from being able to save herself.

So who is behind the killing and further problems, and what is the motivation for these crimes? Is it Rosabelle’s money? A desire on Rosabelle’s part to create drama for attention? The book explores the crazy twists and turns as An’gel and Dickce try to keep their sanity amid all this chaos and do their best to help solve the mystery in order to be able to kick all these unwelcome people out of the house.

Bless Her Dead Little Heart has a lot of fun, creative elements. I’ll let you read the book to learn how the murderer kills someone with rubber spiders! I enjoyed being reunited with the characters of An’gel and Dickce, who first appear in Out of Circulation, the fourth book in the Cat in the Stacks series.

The audio version of this book, narrated by Jorjeana Marie, was enjoyable. Marie’s sympathetic voice brought the characters and stories to life.

Bless Her Dead Little Heart kept me entertained and was a fun read. However, at times things seemed to be so full of histrionics that the book got wild and excessive. So I won’t give it a top rating but give it four stars.

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