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The People Garden PosterWriter and Director Nadia Litz’s second feature, The People Garden, offers a spooky new mystery/horror set in Japan. There’s a lot of tension here in this short trailer, and the mystery looks promisingly creepy. The film is produced by Daniel Bekerman, Coral Aiken, and Jonathan Bronfman with music by Dirty Beaches.

Litz says she made the film for “young women who maybe craved something a little weirder and more off-kilter than “Twilight”, like I did when I was young.” Her inspiration comes in part from films she loved, like The Virgin Suicides and Morvern Callar. Another strand that went into making The People Garden was a conversation with a search and rescue worker who’s job involved locating suicides. Litz writes that one of the things that

stood out in our conversation was that he said, “they always knew where look for the bodies because it was inevitably in the most beautiful part of the park: a place with a view, a stream, a particularly lush part of the woods…”. That also struck me … That even in our most hopeless times we still endeavor to find something beautiful…

This blend of practicality and care worked into The People Garden promise to make for a fascinating, thought-provoking film.

Synopsis for The People Garden

Synopsis: Sweetpea (Dree Hemingway) flies to Japan to break up with her rock star boyfriend. When she arrives, her boyfriend has disappeared, last seen shooting a music video with a 90’s sex symbol (Pamela Anderson) in a Japanese forest that harbors a dark secret. Sweetpea sets out to solve the mystery of Jamie’s disappearance, not knowing that the forest is most famous as a destination for suicide.

The People Garden will be released on Tuesday September 13, 2016 in the US for a week-long theatrical run. Nationwide VOD release will also be on Tuesday, September 13 (iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

is written and directed by Nadia Litz. The producers are Daniel
Bekerman, Coral Aiken, Jonathan Bronfman. Director of Photography is Catherine
Lutes. Music is by Dirty Beaches and the editor is Simon Ennis.

Trailer for The People Garden A New Mystery
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Trailer for The People Garden A New Mystery
Watch the trailer for the upcoming The People Garden, Nadia Litz’s second feature, a mystery-horror film.
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