It’s Mickey the Idiot in Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol 5


Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol. 5 It’s Mickey the Idiot! I love that the people at Titan bring back so many of the people from the history of Doctor Who. Mickey, Martha, Rose and Captain Jack are all present in Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol 5  Martha is in trouble, she’s…well, she’s turned into a gargoyle and the only man to help is the Doctor. The problem is, Mickey get’s the wrong Doctor.

Not being the one wanted doesn’t stop the Ninth Doctor from swooping in and trying to save the day. And Martha. And Rose, who seems to have been struck down by the same thing as Martha. All of a sudden Rose can fly, but soon enough the new superpowers will turn her into a gargoyle, unless the Doctor can save her in time.  As usual saving the world means flying out into space and time to find the one place that is causing the disturbance. In this case it’s a super punchway through the center of the earth. The nerve of some aliens. And again, as usual, the Doctor knows the alien behind the trouble and is able to work through their differences and solve it without any problems. Oh, hahaha, yeah right.  (If you believed that, you are obviously not a Who fan)

Rose, ever the impetuous one, decides that she can save the day, and well, she nearly does. But first she makes things worse. Because that is sorta just what Rose does.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Rose, but she’s not always the most helpful companion there ever was.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol 5 was pretty good. Solid five double hearted stars from me. A quick, fun read. With the gargoyles being an added plus. Gargoyles rock! (Ha, a puntastic pun if there ever was one) You can find the comic, out today, on Amazon

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