Cosplay Feature of the Week: Hunter’s Cosplay Show


Hello everyone! It has been quite the week but we still have our cosplay feature to represent so let’s get to it! Our cosplayer today is full of energy and ready to soar! Please welcome Hunter’s Cosplay Show!

Hello Hunter’s Cosplay! Please tell us a little bit about you outside of cosplay…

My name is Hunter and I’ve been into cosplay since my 8th grade year. I’m really into Game of Thrones, Disney and most of The Hayao Miyazaki movies so that’s where I pull most of my cosplay ideas. I’ve always been on the weird side, like I wore cat ears all throughout my middle school years.

Miyazaki is amazing. I don’t think I’ve watched a movie of his and been disappointed yet which is wonderful. So how were you drawn to cosplay?

I got into cosplay by my older brother who went to cons all the time. My first con experience is that I went to Saboten to pick this brother up on the last day and so I just walked around the vendor hall and took pictures with cosplayers; I knew I wanted to become like them.

Wandering convention halls is really rather inspiring. Creativity runs amok at conventions and it’s so gratifying to know that there is a new idea around every corner. Have any of those cosplayers or their costumes inspired your dream cosplays? Do you have a dream cosplay or cosplays?

My dream cosplay is to do a female version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast or even Belle yellow ballgown but beside Disney I want to make a OC (original character) of a fairy.

That’s so cool! My good friend StevieSpade Cosplay did a Fem Gaston for PCC Fan Fest 2015 and it was well received. I hope you are able to complete it. Since you have some time around cosplayers since your youth that advice would you like to offer new and experienced cosplayers?

DON’T MAKE YOUR COSPLAY THE WEEK BEFORE CON! Also if you live in a hot state like Arizona where it gets up to a 120 during the con don’t wear heavy material or fur unless you’re going to stay inside and remember water is your friend. Always pack it.

You do you. Don’t let people ruin your fun by saying you don’t have the body type for that costume or you’re not the right gender. Have fun!

Are there any special props or costumes that you are particularly fond of

I think one of my favorite props is from the 2016 Comic Con and it’s my Princess Mononoke Mask.

San is so cool! Before we conclude this conversation are you inspired by any cosplayers in your local or international communities?

My cosplay role model would probably be Jessica Nigri or even Meg Turney. They’re both very empowering women.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with us and good luck in your cosplay endeavors!

If you would like to know more about Hunter’s Cosplay Show she can be visited on…

Here are a few images from her Facebook page of her recent cosplays…

Cosplay Feature of the Week: Hunter's Cosplay Show
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Cosplay Feature of the Week: Hunter's Cosplay Show
Cosplay Feature of the Week: Hunter's Cosplay Show
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