Eclipse #1 A Thriller of Epic Proportions


eclipse_01-1New from Image comics comes a thriller of epic proportion. Eclipse tells the tale of a world, our world, scorched by sunlight. An extinction level event caused cataclysmic devastation world wide. Scientists believed that a solar flare unlike any ever experienced damaged the Earth’s atmosphere, making it susceptible to world ending temperatures during the day time. The heat is so aggressive that any caught in its rays are melted. Yes, I said MELTED.

Bax was there the day the world ended. He was there when his team and a few others managed to save several hundred people from death by escaping underground. He was there when the world burned and he’s still around. For better or for worse, Bax’s life goes on. As an Iceman (people who wear environmental protection suits that can withstand high temperatures) Bax has seen the worst that this new reality has to offer so it comes as no surprise when we locates a dead body on the concrete scorched by sunlight. What shocks him is the bible verse written in blood on the wall behind the man…this was no drunk who stayed up to early, it was someone who was abducted and murdered for the sake of a vendetta.

eclipse01_3Accidentally entwined in a mysterious plot to murder the Mayor’s daughter, Bax suddenly finds himself with more responsibility and a growing world of terror. Who is murdering people? How are they doing without an Ice Suit? More importantly, WHY are they murdering people in broad daylight? With his life in shambles, Bax is forced to face an unknown enemy while combating the elements and what little time patches of shade offer him.

Written by Zack Kapplan with illustrations by Giovanni Timpano, Eclipse is a murder mystery thriller than enthralls its readers from beginning to end. As an avid comic book reader I was enraptured by the artistic renderings and excited about a new apocalyptic comic that played so close to a climatic reality we currently face (ok, so maybe we’re not going to melt but temperatures ARE rising). I highly recommend this comic and look forward to its upcoming issues.

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Eclipse #1
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