Review: ‘A Witch’s Kitchen’ is Delightful First Novel


A Witch’s Kitchenwitchskitchen_500-400x600 by Dianna Sanchez is a delightful book about a young witch named Ludmilla. Millie, as she is called, is the child of Bogdana (which I found to be a delightfully witchy name). Bogdana has great things in mind for her daughter but Millie isn’t sure she can live up to her mother’s expectations. This story is about a young girl finding her own place in the world and learning to be true to herself. There is a cast of wonderful support characters, many of whom have their own interesting backgrounds and story arcs.

Despite being a book with something of value to say, A Witch’s Kitchen is an easy read. It is well written. The characters are well rounded and fleshed out. They are relatable and many of them are quite whimsical. There are elves and talking trees, goblins, pixie, gnomes and even a dragon.

In the story, every spell Millie tries, goes wrong. She generally ends up with food items when trying to cast a spell or make a potion. Millie is an excellent cook and that is what she loves to do. Bodgana wants her to be a different kind of witch, a kind of witch that has higher status in the Witch’s Coven. Bogdana doesn’t even tell her what kind of witchcraft is the kind Millie gravitates to.

But Millie gets sent to the Enchanted Forest School to be a representative from the witches to the school. That’s when things get really interesting and fun. There’s even a villain in the book in the form of another young witch who makes herself Millie’s rival.

In all, A Witch’s Kitchen is an excellent, well written, well thought out debut novel for author Diana Sanchez It’s a book that is fun to read and at the same time nourishing for your mind without being overbearing. I enjoyed reading it and I look forward to other books by the author.


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