Sherlock: A Study in Pink part 4 of 6


sherlock_manga_asip_04_cover_aWhat can I say about Sherlock: A Study in Pink that I haven’t already said? Well, Sherlock’s mind palace in manga form is fabulous. And the look on John’s face as he runs is drawn impeccably. I can even see, now more than ever, why people on the internet compare him to a hedgehog.  But that’s an aside. This is the fourth volume in a set of six, and it follows the plot of the episode perfectly.

In this volume we get the forced tension of the restaurant scene where John has to repeatedly voice that he’s not gay. To Sherlock, to the chef, to himself.  d then we get the chase scene, which is probably one of my favorites. All that running around London, all those maps that he keeps in his head. The artist rendering of this is beautiful, and I really enjoyed that part.  Also, when talking about the artistry, I really loved that this was in black and white. I love a full color rendering, but i don’t think black and white gets enough love.

Despite knowing the story really well, I enjoy these comics a lot. When you’re fan, any medium you can get your hands on is special, and that’s how I feel about these.  Even though I know how it all ends, even though I know the characters, I still am excited to pick up each copy.  I think that is the mark of a great writer, and I appreciate it a lot in this case. Because behind all the success of the series, it’s the writing. Amazing, is all there is to it.

Sherlock: A Study in Pink part 4 of 6 is available on Sept 14th.


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