The Forevers


the-forevers-cover I was so excited for The Forevers. The premise sounded right up my alley. Searching out dark forces to give yourself a leg up, we’ve all thought of it right? Well these seven do it, and then when the dark forces come calling ten years later, it’s not fun anymore. It sounded fabulous. It was, well, not. I’d give it a solid three stars, which isn’t terrible, but it’s also not great. There are things about the comic I really enjoyed; the artistry of it, how some of the characters eerily resemble real people, the end of it. (I normally hate cliffhangers, but it works here)

In a nutshell, what made this a three star rather than a four or five, is the set up. The story goes along, but in places it can be hard to read. Split screen almost in how you follow along and if you’re not reading in the right order you have to go back. I’ve read a ton of comics in my life, and I fully understand this is a stylistic choice, it’s just not one I favor.

The characters are ones we’ll all recognize form pop culture; the druggie washed up singer, the druggie actress who is sleeping her way to the top, these are not new characters in any way. But what this writers Curt Pires and Scott Pfeiffer do really well, is drag you into their world. So you feel dirty and scroungy, you feel high on success and the life of the party, but just as easily, you feel the depression, fear, and anger that is tearing them all apart. Well, that is what I figure anyway. You only meet two of the cast of seven in this first issue. I feel though, that the other five will probably be living similar lives. I could be wrong though, guess I’ll just have to keep reading. Sly, writers, sly.

Despite what I feel are the downfalls, I am quite intrigued by the ending, so I am going to look forward to the next issue.  Hopefully it will give me more info on those two men you see at the end, and whatever they have in store for Project Forever.


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