The Third Doctor


3d_01_cover_a The Third Doctor! Jo! The Brigadier! Osgood! It is a fabulous time to be a Whovian! I’ve been loving the copious amounts of Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor story lines from Titan, but now they brig us this! The Third Doctor in a comic! How freaking cool is that?

The Third Doctor is set in the world he know him in. He’s working for U.N.I.T. and chilling with Jo and the Brigadier, but his Tardis is working again so every now and then he pops off on an adventure. This story starts with that, The Doctor enjoying a spot of tea and a chess game, although really he’s just telling tall tales, not knowing that a familiar face is hiding near by. The Master is tracking the Doctor and he’s made a move the Doctor doesn’t yet know about.

Meanwhile Jo get’s interrupted on her date and has to run back to U.N.I.T to fight yet another alien invasion. By the time the Doctor shows, the Brigadier has called in an air strike.  And we all know how happy that makes the Doctor. Intent on trying to speak to the invaders before they get blown to bits, the Doctor finds something unusual, and with the help of Osgood (the elder) he plans to find out what’s a the stem of these odd invaders.  Using his trusty car Bessie, the Doctor is on the move to find out what is going on, but he never expects to run into the man who stands in his office. A fun place to stop and leave us all waiting to know exactly what is going on and why he is there.

A full on double hearted 5 stars from this Whovian. Can’t wait to see how the end is explained. And I really hope that Titan will bring back some of the other older Doctors for a comic series or two.

The Third Doctor is available from Titan Comics today!


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