Grimm Vol 2, #1


grimvol2-2016-01-cov-a-sanopo I must admit that I have never watched the tv show, Grimm, that this comic is based on. Nor did I read the first volume. I come at this a Grimm virgin. And I have to say, I’ve been missing out.  Grimm is about a Juliette (a name I’m quite fond of for personal reasons) and her journey. She has just become a Hexenbiest, and is trying to cope with that and how it will affect her relationship with Nick, her longtime boyfriend. So to end up in the middle of an art heist when you already have so much going on, probably the reason why she didn’t chose to be a meek bystander.

Juliette gets involved to save her friend, Izzy, the artist who may or may not be in on the heist of her own work.  And like any good female led story, she goes to her  friends for help. Along the way we’re introduced to Rosalie and Truble.  I suspect that this whole series will be a fun ride with these three ladies (I hope) and all the weird experiences that Juliette drags them into.

This comic ends on a cliffhanger, and if you’ve followed me at all since I started writing here, you know I hate a cliffhanger. I see why they did it, there is no way to write this full story in one conventional comic spread. it’s good though, that they had me hooked. I’ll definitely tune in to find out what happens next, to see if those evil Weird Sisters get their comeuppance.  They turned from thieves to murders, and I’m guessing at least one of them has been pretending to be in love with Izzy, in order to get her codes for the gallery.  But now Juliette is on their tails, I’m really curious who comes out on top.

Four stars for Grimm which releases today.


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